Missing Scooter

A bright pink scooter went missing on Thursday 22nd Sept from the school premises. It has pink padding on the handles and bright orange and pink wheels. If this has been taken by accident or it is found please return to the school. Thank you.

P7 Lockerbie Manor Visit

Primary Seven’s residential visit to Lockerbie Manor was a great success. All the children were superstars! They participated in every activity with enthusiasm, often challenging themselves, overcoming fears and achieving new goals. They encouraged and supported each other, and their teachers, all along the way. They did themselves proud and represented Kirktonholme to a very high standard. All the staff had a great time too and were thoroughly entertained and impressed by our lovely young people. I would like to thank every child for their fantastic effort and positive attitude. I would also like to express my gratitude to Mrs Samantha Paterson, Mrs Lisa Miller, Mr Craig Scott and Miss Jennifer Mailley for giving up their own time to allow this visit to take place and making it so enjoyable for all.   Thank you, Mrs Valerie Miller


nutPlease remember that Kirktonholme is a nut free zone due to children with severe allergies. Please ensure all snacks and packed lunches do not contain any nut products. This applies to all types of nuts, not just peanuts. Thank you.